Time Away 

Quinta 2019

Every year we organise lots of time away as a church family. This is a chance for us to go deeper in faith and come together more fully as a community. Here's a sample of what we have done over the years:

HTB Focus: A time to join 6000 other Christians for great worship and teaching at Neward Showground. In 2022, this will be held from 28th-31st July. Click here to book to join us! 

Every other year we organise a weekend away for all of St James at Quinta, North Wales (where this photo was taken). Guest speakers have included Anthony Delany (leader of Ivy Manchester), Matt Porter (Vicar of St Michael le Belfry, York), Cris Rogers (Rector of All Hallows' Church, Bow) and Mike McGurk (Archdeacon)

Other groups also have time away together: our students go away for a weekend most years, our families organise camping trips together, and there are other trips to leadership conferences, worship conferences and training weekends.

Some of us have made trips to visit our church planters: Chris and Liz in Spain and Jarod and Bexi in Croatia.

Whatever we do we always aim to have lots of fun, great food and learn more about Jesus.

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Quinta 2022

We're really looking forward to our next Church holiday to Quinta on the 4th-6th March 2022!
Living together as a community and doing life together is important to us at STJ. It is one of our key values, and there is no better way to do that than on the weekend away.
The weekend will include good food, walks in the countryside, time to hang out, games night, wide games and an onsite indoor swimming pool.
Guest speakers will also be invited, including Katie Whitehead for our Kids and Kate and Lydia from Liverpool Youth For Christ.

Book your tickets now here!


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